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Feb 1, 2013 10:00pm EST
off against what the papers were calling a million dollar defense dream team hired by denny's father. the lead defense attorney was day of the chessnah. the girl's mother was called to the stand. >> those were her favorite pants. >> it all came down to the contents of the trash bag found beneath the window. of all of the dna tests run on hannah hannah's clothing spotted with blood only one came back to denny, a small semen stain on the the underwear. >> they're kids. they're fooling around. that doesn't mean he raped her. >> the case went to the jury and in the midst of deliberations came a stunning turn. the judge, quite unexpectedly walked into the jury room and declared a mistrial. she said she took that drastic measure because she was getting a report that one of the jurors was talking about a lie detector test not in evidence. a lie detector test brad oborn, hannah's boyfriend had taken and passed. that, said the judge, was jury misconduct. >> the court finds that the jury is unable to fulfill the obligations required by law. >> the prosecution team was stunned. >> it was not a
Feb 4, 2013 2:00am PST
somebody. >> as sheila davalloo presented the case for her own defense, she boiled it down to this. the state's case is flimsy. the evidence isn't there. and i'm not the villain they're making me out to be. with a respected public defender assisting, sheila pointed out the weaknesses of the prosecution's case. >> no hair evidence. >> the fact is from the terrible scene of violence and death -- >> no fingerprints. >> there was no physical evidence, with the exception of that one sample of dna -- >> search of my car yielded nothing. >> -- that put sheila in anna lisa's apartment. and even that couldn't put her there on the day of the murder. >> did the state prove to you that i was there on that day? well, they can't do that. >> what about the 911 call that supposedly put her just a few blocks from the murder? the prosecution said the caller was probably the defendant. the people who knew sheila testified it was hard for them to tell. >> parts of it sounded like sheila, and a part of it didn't sound like her. >> when you heard that 911 tape, what did you think? >> i couldn't really b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)